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A baggie of Goldfish May 23, 2011

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My “other son”, a kiddo that has spent countless nights at my house, not to mention nearly every holiday, party, major and not-so-major moment with my family over the last five years, graduated from elementary school today. His mama sent me a text that said “He finished his graduation and now we are at the park. He’s running around with his girlfriend. I’ve lost him forever.” Ohhhh deep sighs…. I have a few more days before mine graduates to middle school as well, and I can’t help but wonder in awe how this day came so soon. And I know completely how she feels!

I look at my boy, who laughs at adult jokes that I know he doesn’t QUITE get yet, but he gets enough to understand it’s funny. I look at his shaggy hair that he won’t let me cut, his sense of style that is 60% there, and his need to carry a cool binder instead of a backpack. I am so crazy proud of this kid. He’s polite, he’s kind, and he has the biggest heart. He’s sincere and genuine and doesn’t ever set out to hurt anyone’s feelings except his brother’s.. (haha). But what I love is that he still “needs” me to get him his baggie of Goldfish crackers before school each day, and I still get to tuck him in each night. I know that these days and nights are limited, so I try so hard to enjoy every single one of them. When it’s a hectic morning and it’s all I can do to keep from pulling my hair out, I’m BLESSED that I still have a kid who wants me to get him his snack. Who asks me to sign his assignment notebook. Who kisses me every morning before the bus arrives and he’s off to his busy day. Who still cliimbs into my lap on occasion to watch television. Even if it is Supernatural or Family Guy he’s requesting to watch instead of Disney Pixar movies.

I’ve said it before, and I know that I will say it a thousand more times, but I so want time to just freeze… please.

Last but not least, I want to send out some peace and comfort into the universe tonight for all of those impacted by the terrible tornadoes that came through here over the weekend. Joplin, Missouri was nearly leveled by a tornado, and my heart breaks for all of those families tonight who have lost their homes, their cars, their businesses but mostly for those who lost a loved one. XOXOXOXO