Finding one small blessing each day.

Music to my ears August 13, 2012

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I’ve got tons of little blessings tonight.  Here is what I’m thankful for in my world today.

Music:  at this very moment, B is putting away the dinner dishes and singing at the top of his lungs some song comprised entirely of the imagination of a nine-year-old.  I have no idea what he’s saying.  I think he’s created his own language.  But it sure is a joyful, happy song to listen to.  Baby L did the same thing today, only he was singing about some of his favorite people in the world.  “Layla layla layla Layyyy LAAAA, jakob, leeleeleeleelee nikki, nikki, one two three!”  It made me laugh that he was rhyming.  What two year old rhymes?!

I also learned today that Baby L knows ‘how to dougie”.  Hahahahhah!  That, my friends, is some funny stuff.

But back to music…  at work today, I had a massive spreadsheet to decipher.  So today I logged into  Pandora and chose the Foo Fighters channel, and put in my headphones.  I’ve been listening to Pandora long enough to have clicked my fair share of likes and dislikes, so I’ve got it pretty well honed in on my music.  But today it was exceptionally good.  Music just does amazing things to me if I actually can relax enough to listen to some of the lyrics.  It can make me feel nostalgic, or young, or beautiful, or inspired… it all just depends on the song.   I came home completely in a different state of mind after listening to music all afternoon.

When I run, I LOVE putting on kick-a** music.  I mean that really.  Like P.O.D., Nickelback, Evanescence, AWOLNATION.  The music on my playlist makes me feel like I’m strong, healthy, young, and tough… and that hill up there?  No PROBLEM.  I got this.  My favorite playlist (ok, except for the awesome one E made me – see a prior post) is by far my running one.   Plus, I’m completely unaware of what a dork I probably look like running – I’m too busy singing in my head to the music.  Not singing out loud, I promise.

And now… it’s after eight, baby L is in bed, B is done singing and the house is quiet.  I have every window open in the house and every once in a while I can hear a car drive by in the late evening dusk.  This weather is gorgeous – I will sleep like a baby tonight if it stays cool like this.  I have the rest of the night to myself… to write and listen to music and just be inspired.

THIS is a beautiful night.