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HOPE walk April 16, 2011

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Hittin' the pavement for the cure!

Today, I took two of my kiddo’s out to Braden’s Hope for Childhood Cancer walk. This was such an awesome event! Per the tallies preliminarily posted on Facebook, over 55 THOUSAND DOLLARS was raised today for pediatric cancer research. GO KANSAS CITY!! That is amazing!

Braden was who got me started, but since finding out about Braden and his family’s struggles, I have made pediatric cancers my personal mission. It is just heartbreaking to me that there are these kiddos, just like my own, who have to fight so hard to have all the things that my children have… that I had… that their mommies have to be scared of missing the little things… like their child’s first loose tooth. It has never occurred to me that I might miss that moment. I worry about stupid things, like missing my child’s first steps because I was at work. Missing PTO meetings because for some reason they are never held outside of business hours. But missing my child’s first loose tooth because I was scared he wouldn’t be here to lose it? I had never, ever, ever looked at it from that perspective. Thank God I never had to. And I pray every night for each of these babies, that they will be well and their mommies will never, ever, ever have to be scared about that again.

Did you know that most children with pediatric cancers are being treated with drugs that were created for adult cancers, TWENTY TO THIRTY YEARS AGO?? Pediatric cancers, plain and simply, are not researched like adult cancers. Only one (ONE!) new drug has been developed to treat pediatric cancer since 1980. There have been over 50 approved to fight adult cancers. I don’t know about you, but that fact disgusts me! I wish I was a billionnaire and I could buy a pharmaceutical company to develop these cures. Powerball, here I come!!

Tonight, I will hold my own babies close. I will play dominos and watch movies and eat popcorn. And I will say my prayers for Braden, and for Ronan, and for all the other families fighting this awful disease. And lastly, I will thank God for my healthy little ones.

Goodnight, dear friends! Hugs and blessings to you tonight!

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