Finding one small blessing each day.

The weather and my soul August 18, 2012

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<a title="sunshine by TuguldurJ, on Flickr" href="sunshine

Photo by: Tuguldur J at http://www.flickr.com/photos/47890911@N04/”&gt;;

Today my blessing is the weather. I’d like to say it’s fall… but it’s only the middle of August and I know better. But it feels like fall, and it makes me feel joyous somewhere deep in my soul.

I swear the sunshine itself is different in the fall. It shines on the world around me like a filter in an Instagram photo. It transports me to somewhere peaceful and calm, and feels a little like childhood. I was sitting at taekwondo the other evening watching my boy and happened to glance through the large windows to the parking lot. Something about the early evening sunshine made me remember, in snatches of memory, thoughts that I had had as a child about what my life would be like as an adult. Those thoughts were nothing like the reality; I don’t even live in the same state that I expected I would; but I love that the very sunshine and cool weather could trigger those memories.

Fall makes me feel creative and inspired. I woke this morning, far too early, to sunshine pouring in my window. My husband pulled me close to him and asked if I saw the sunrise. He mumbled something about loving those windows and fell back to sleep. I, on the other hand, couldn’t. My brain started thinking about all of the things I could be doing, and after awhile, I gave up and came downstairs. I started the coffee, let the dog out and sat down to just enjoy the gorgeous quiet and sunshine in my dining room.

My thoughts kept wandering to all of the things I wanted to do in this gift of a day. I wanted to write to you, I wanted to paint, I wanted to bake pumpkin bars and create an elaborate dinner for tonight. I wanted to crochet and I wanted to clean… all of these things were inspired by the simple, wonderful quiet and coolness of the fall weather.

Enjoy your day, my friends. I think mine is going to be quite busy.


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