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Not-so-rude awakening August 10, 2012

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1993 Chevrolet Camaro Indy 500 Pace Car

Picture above by aldenjewell:  http://www.flickr.com/photos/autohistorian/4646261990/


My blessing of today is to be getting old.  I’m serious here.  Of COURSE I will continue to tell myself that I’m not very old, but in actuality the universe has been whispering, a little softer than quietly, that I AM.

My first clue was when I was sitting at a stoplight and I looked over at the car next to me.  It was a Camaro, very similar to the one above.  No, of course it wasn’t a pace car, but truly, it had the exact same wheels and it was white.  With a giant blue racing stripe on the hood.  I sat looking at the car (lights take awhile around here) and thinking about in college when my then-fiance bought me one.  It was his attempt at getting me a Firebird (um, why didn’t he just get one of those then?) and it was a SWEET car.  It was exhilarating to drive, was a five-speed, had a sunroof… ohhh it was a fun car.  So I’m looking at this car and I’m thinking… seriously, this car doesn’t really look that old to me.

It doesn’t look like an antique, it doesn’t look like something I wouldn’t be able to find on a lot somewhere.  This is where the universe cackled a little, cleared her throat, and then pointed out to me that this vehicle is ALMOST TWENTY YEARS OLD.  At what point does it become a true antique?  Like with funky white plates?  Because truly…. this thing is almost ten years older than my van, and my van is ancient.

My second clue was when I discovered, much to my surprise, that I have been listening to talk-radio.  WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO ME?  I never, never, never listen to anything remotely like talk radio.  And then lo and behold, I caught myself laughing and listening.. and what were they talking about?  ELECTIONS.  Oh seriously… I have crossed some invisible line and I’m afraid there’s no going back now.

So… as I always do, I have to find the blessing in this.  And here’s what I’ve got.

#1.  Thank God I’m even here to be considering this “old”.

#2.  I can go buy a 1993 Firebird if I really want to.  With wheels that match the trim and everything.  (Ha!)

#3.  I can listen to Rihanna, Usher, Pearl Jam, Sade and Jim Croce all in the same day, and enjoy them equally.  And when I’m done listening, I can turn on some talk radio and be just as happy.  There’s got to be something cool about covering that much timespan on one Ipod.

Happy Friday, sweet friends.  Have a fabulous weekend.  Keep your eye out for my Firebird for me.


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  1. Getting old is better than the alternative…

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