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Bras and babies July 22, 2012

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I had a great day with baby L today.  Well, for awhile anyway, until I got so worn out I couldn’t see straight.

We ran a ton of errands: Kohls, Hy-Vee, Half Price Books, Ulta (I have a serious addiction to Ulta)… but at this point we were at Kohls in the bra section.  I had one of those $10 for every $50 you spent coupons and I decided I was going to use it to buy a much needed bra.  Victoria’s Secret it was not, but a broke girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do.  So there I was, with L and B in tow, and I started meandering through the bra section.  B was instantly mortified and had to duck away lest someone see him in the UNDERWEAR section, and worse yet, the BRAS.  L meanwhile was happily chatting away  to himself in the stroller.

I saw the 60% off clearance racks and headed for them.  I sifted through them, looking for my size and then my little L’s voice came calling out, loud and clear, “I see BOOOOOOOOBS!  Boobs!”.  There was this big, comfortable grandma-looking lady a row over and I happened to look her way just as my son was making his very loud announcement.  She tried to look away and then she just laughed.  A deep, feel-good, belly laugh and she said “Well, you can’t really blame him.  He’s not lying!”   Good grief, baby doll.  Then Baby L proceeded to pull a satiny aqua bra off the rack, hold it up to his chest and sing “I have boobs!  I have boobs!” in the sweet, lilting singsong only a toddler can do.

B happened to witness this and with lots of embarrassed giggles, snatched that bra away and hung it on the nearest rack.  Oh, my boys.  One wants to wear bras and sing loudly about boobs and the other is horrified to potentially be seen even CLOSE to the lingerie section.  Love, love, love them.


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