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The end of the world as we know it May 22, 2011

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That song has been running through my head all day, thanks to Sugarland’s post on Facebook upon the world making it to another day. I was really bothered by all this May 21st End of The World stuff, not because I was concerned it was the end of the world – I wasn’t. The Mayan calendar stuff freaks me out more than some guy who already got it wrong once before. But it bothered me because THE LOCAL NEWS was talking about it, and my child, who was spending the night with a friend sent me a text because he was scared. Why don’t people think about these things when decide what news to report? And isn’t the news supposed to be factual NEWS as opposed to a belief? Sigh. Enough about that.

Much more importantly, since we are in fact here to live another day, is what IF the end really is that close? What if we really only have another year or two. If you knew, for certain, that that was all we had, what would you want to accomplish? Whatever that is, you should do it. Now. Because you’ll never look back and say “Gosh, I wish I hadn’t followed my dreams.” I sure wish I hadn’t taken the kids to the ocean. I sure wish I hadn’t learned to play the piano. I wish I hadn’t taken that trip to Italy I’d been dreaming of my whole life.

That would never happen. So, being as we ARE here, and we DO have today, shouldn’t we enjoy it? The worst thing that would happen is that we would do that one thing we’ve always wanted to and then after that… we’d have opened the door for something else on our list. It’s kind of like me and how I’m starting to take classes in college again. Now that I’ve enrolled and bought the books and communicated with the teacher, I FEEL like I’m on a different path than I was just three months ago. I have known for years that this was something I wanted, but it was always a “someday”. Now it’s here and I’m so excited I can barely contain myself. I’m nervous and worried about how I will accomplish it, but I’m crazy proud of myself for actually taking that step forward.

Off to celebrate a birthday for one of the most wonderful people in my universe! Goodnight friends!


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