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Running in the rain May 5, 2011

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misty rainbow
Photo by: http://www.flickr.com/photos/pandora_6666/


I have had a really long, crummy, anxiety-filled day. But I got off work early so I went for a run. It began to rain about three minutes into it, and it was such a wonderful experience. I always loved playing in the rain as a kid, and running today was no exception. I wanted to just stop and turn my face up to the gray sky and let the water pour down on me. I was hot, and the rain was cold, and the music pouring through my headphones was just perfect for my mood.

I slowed to a walk and the music changed to a slow, quiet melody with momentary pauses through it. It was quiet enough that I could actually hear the rain padding against the sidewalk and street and the thunder as it rolled in the clouds overhead. It was a very cool, serene moment, the kind where all your senses are alive. If only I had had a camera to capture it, although I don’t think a picture could have begun to capture everything in that moment. The newly budding trees and grass smelled perfect, the rain was cool against my skin, and for just a few moments, I could let everything go.

Tonight I intend to snuggle with my kiddos, watch some American Idol, and crawl into the tub with a good book. The book makes me smile, actually. E has been insistent that I read this Warrior series he has been reading, and he checks in with me daily about how far I am. I love having something like this to talk about, that HE is interested in, not just something I picked for us. So I have some catching up to do.

Have a beautiful weekend, all you Mommas out there!! I am sure I will post before Sunday, but I wanted to say it just in case! 🙂


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