Finding one small blessing each day.

A baggie of Goldfish May 23, 2011

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My “other son”, a kiddo that has spent countless nights at my house, not to mention nearly every holiday, party, major and not-so-major moment with my family over the last five years, graduated from elementary school today. His mama sent me a text that said “He finished his graduation and now we are at the park. He’s running around with his girlfriend. I’ve lost him forever.” Ohhhh deep sighs…. I have a few more days before mine graduates to middle school as well, and I can’t help but wonder in awe how this day came so soon. And I know completely how she feels!

I look at my boy, who laughs at adult jokes that I know he doesn’t QUITE get yet, but he gets enough to understand it’s funny. I look at his shaggy hair that he won’t let me cut, his sense of style that is 60% there, and his need to carry a cool binder instead of a backpack. I am so crazy proud of this kid. He’s polite, he’s kind, and he has the biggest heart. He’s sincere and genuine and doesn’t ever set out to hurt anyone’s feelings except his brother’s.. (haha). But what I love is that he still “needs” me to get him his baggie of Goldfish crackers before school each day, and I still get to tuck him in each night. I know that these days and nights are limited, so I try so hard to enjoy every single one of them. When it’s a hectic morning and it’s all I can do to keep from pulling my hair out, I’m BLESSED that I still have a kid who wants me to get him his snack. Who asks me to sign his assignment notebook. Who kisses me every morning before the bus arrives and he’s off to his busy day. Who still cliimbs into my lap on occasion to watch television. Even if it is Supernatural or Family Guy he’s requesting to watch instead of Disney Pixar movies.

I’ve said it before, and I know that I will say it a thousand more times, but I so want time to just freeze… please.

Last but not least, I want to send out some peace and comfort into the universe tonight for all of those impacted by the terrible tornadoes that came through here over the weekend. Joplin, Missouri was nearly leveled by a tornado, and my heart breaks for all of those families tonight who have lost their homes, their cars, their businesses but mostly for those who lost a loved one. XOXOXOXO


The end of the world as we know it May 22, 2011

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That song has been running through my head all day, thanks to Sugarland’s post on Facebook upon the world making it to another day. I was really bothered by all this May 21st End of The World stuff, not because I was concerned it was the end of the world – I wasn’t. The Mayan calendar stuff freaks me out more than some guy who already got it wrong once before. But it bothered me because THE LOCAL NEWS was talking about it, and my child, who was spending the night with a friend sent me a text because he was scared. Why don’t people think about these things when decide what news to report? And isn’t the news supposed to be factual NEWS as opposed to a belief? Sigh. Enough about that.

Much more importantly, since we are in fact here to live another day, is what IF the end really is that close? What if we really only have another year or two. If you knew, for certain, that that was all we had, what would you want to accomplish? Whatever that is, you should do it. Now. Because you’ll never look back and say “Gosh, I wish I hadn’t followed my dreams.” I sure wish I hadn’t taken the kids to the ocean. I sure wish I hadn’t learned to play the piano. I wish I hadn’t taken that trip to Italy I’d been dreaming of my whole life.

That would never happen. So, being as we ARE here, and we DO have today, shouldn’t we enjoy it? The worst thing that would happen is that we would do that one thing we’ve always wanted to and then after that… we’d have opened the door for something else on our list. It’s kind of like me and how I’m starting to take classes in college again. Now that I’ve enrolled and bought the books and communicated with the teacher, I FEEL like I’m on a different path than I was just three months ago. I have known for years that this was something I wanted, but it was always a “someday”. Now it’s here and I’m so excited I can barely contain myself. I’m nervous and worried about how I will accomplish it, but I’m crazy proud of myself for actually taking that step forward.

Off to celebrate a birthday for one of the most wonderful people in my universe! Goodnight friends!


Family tree May 18, 2011

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one day it will be pleasant to remember these things
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Last week, E was assigned a project to find out information about his heritage. He came home and brought up the website http://www.ancestry.com to show me. I had been on it once before but didn’t want to waste the “two week” trial period when I didn’t have much time to devote to it. But this time, in order to help him with his assignment, I went ahead and tried it and was just AMAZED at the results. I would enter in one member, and it would bring up clues to another, but when I found the census registry from my great-grandfather that showed that his home was worth $35.00 and he was a salesman for the “mill”, I was hooked. I spent probably four hours that night typing away, with one person leading to another and then another and then another… I think E got a little irritated that I got so sucked into it! 🙂 Anyway, I finally reached a decent stopping point, where it became very obvious where the holes in the memories were. So I emailed my mom, and got in contact with my grandma-in-law, and my mother-in-law and got what I could. Before too long, my mom was visiting her mother to find out names and dates, and I arrived home from work to find my mother-in-law had brought me a book of one side’s family history. It is amazing, and beautiful, and humbling to see all those on paper who have come before you.

I love this. It’s SO AMAZING to see where my family has come from, and who my husband and my children come from. And to realize that someday, I myself will be just a name and a set of dates on some woman or man’s family tree. To look at one couple, who had FIFTEEN CHILDREN, and to see the hundreds… literally… that have come from that one couple. It’s no wonder our earth’s population is so large! But too… to see how our trees are growing smaller as well. Now people are having two children, instead of five.. and five was instead of 12… because our world and society just doesn’t have the need for large families like that. We can’t afford them.

So that is my little blessing this week. The homework assignment that sparked a lot of conversations, and documenting and hopefully, a really neat record for my family. And even more importantly, the chance to catch information from those who know it first hand, while we still can. Sometimes I think we forget to ask the questions, to write it all down, while we still can. I’m glad I have that chance now, when the grandmas in my family are still here to ask.

One other little thing tonight that happened that I want to mention. I texted a friend of mine to let her know I wouldn’t be joining Bunco this week because I was feeling crummy, and she texted back within minutes to say that she was running to Target, and could she pick me up anything? I was genuinely surprised and touched by her gesture. I think I need to up my “friend-game” a little, because I don’t know if it would occur to me to offer to run to Target for a friend! Bring soup if she’s really sick, yes. Go to the hospital and take flowers, yes… but that’s all for major stuff. But for just feeling crappy? I should take that gesture and strive to be THAT FRIEND. It was so sweet. I’m so blessed to have such wonderful people in my life. All the wonderful people in my life! I just hope that I am able to be that wonderful girl in someone else’s life!

Blessings and love to you tonight!! I’m off to bed early to ward off the croup that Little One so kindly shared with me this week. 🙂 Sweet dreams, my friends.


The Titanic May 16, 2011

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I only have a few moments to post tonight, because I am just exhausted. My poor little one was in the hospital last night with croup. CROUP! I didn’t realize that croup could be that serious but apparently it can. Anyway, a night on a cot with nurses coming in and out and a fussy, crying baby makes for very little rest. And I feel like an ancient woman tonight. I laughingly told my husband that my whole body hurts – I have a sharp pain shooting up my back, my ankle hurts and I’m exhausted… pathetic! This is terrible if one night on a cot does this to me. What will I do if we go camping this summer?

But anyway, I really just had to share what E told me today, because it was hilarious. We were talking about the possibility of past lives and I told him that I have one memory (dream? image? memory?), that I’ve had my whole life, where I’m on some sort of ship and it’s really dark and cloudy/misty. In the picture in my head, I seem to know that there are A LOT of people around me. E said “Wow! Were you on a slave ship?” I told him “I don’t know. Maybe it was the Titanic!” He snorted and said “Mom, you can’t have been on the Titanic! It had just sunk a few years before you were born!” HAHAHA!!! Love that kid!


Surprise date night May 14, 2011

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My hidden blessing today is a night alone with my husband!! Not completely alone, but just us and Little One, which is really exciting. Alone time for the just the two of us is too rare… last fall, when I first started having my Fridays off, Fridays was a fun us-day, when it was just us and Little One. It kind of felt like we were young again… back when it was just us and the baby… only this time around we have enough money to go out for lunch at a microbrewery instead of ramen noodles and Leinenkugels eaten over the hand-me-down coffee table in our apartment. But those Friday lunches quickly got absorbed by doctor’s appointments, grocery store trips and other errands and that extra day became my get-everything-done day. Unfortunately, this also meant that my husband and I’s quiet “us” time went right out the window.

Today we celebrated B’s birthday with a party in the backyard. Originally I was rather disappointed that 3 of the 7 boys we invited couldn’t make it, and I was actually a little worried about whether we had enough kids at the party. But like most things in life, everything happens for a reason. We had so much loud, raucous, manic BOY ENERGY that we could barely keep it in check. The “wounded soldier” game was the best… each team sent out a soldier to run to the crest at the back of our yard and lay down. Then the teammates ran out, wrapped up their wounded soldier in toilet paper and lifted him onto his gurney (i.e. beach towel) and carry him back to safety. But it quickly became teepee-the-house and drag-the-soldier-by-his-feet-until-he-has-grass-stains-on-his-butt. Then we had random children running into the house by themselves searching for their prizes and B in tears because his missile-balloon wouldn’t blow up… ahhh, sometimes I think the $150 Chuck E Cheese ticket is worth leaving all the stress behind – but there’s something to be said for creativity and backyard fun, too.

When the last boy was picked up, the kids begged his mom to let B have a sleepover. I happily obliged, because E is at a sleepover tonight too, and I knew B would be sad being home without him (especially on his birthday-party weekend!). But after he was gone I realized that this is actually an opportunity for a great date night! After the baby goes to bed, we will grill some steaks and crack open a bottle of wine. Rent a movie, snuggle on the couch… ahh, heaven. I am blessed indeed.

I hope your night is as wonderful as the one ahead of me!! Goodnight, my friends!


Don’t Stop Believing May 11, 2011

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Most of you know that my inspiration behind this blog was little Ronan and his amazingly inspiring mom and their fight against neuroblastoma. Ronan lost his fight this week, and although I don’t even know this little guy, my heart broke for Ronan’s mom and their family. She writes beautifully, and she touches her readers… you couldn’t help but be sucked into her story. I hope that someday when she finds the strength again, she’ll publish her story in it’s entirety, but for the moment, she’s still astonishing her readers with her insight and grace as she gets through these days.

Mostly what I wanted to tell you about, though, was that she posted today that she has heard the song “Don’t Stop Believing” by Journey repeatedly since little Ronan died earlier this week. She believes that this is a little sign from her boy, to never stop believing in him. And I believe in her. What’s really interesting about all of this is that strangely enough, I too heard the song on my way home from work the night that she posted that he was gone (I hadn’t seen the post yet). I don’t know what made me pay attention to it, but I did, and my thoughts drifted somewhere along the lines of the fact that it was a Journey song and just the other week my Marvelous Nikki was going to sell a Journey t-shirt at our garage sale. Minor, mindless thoughts, but I thought about it enough that I remember it.

So then Ronan’s mom posts about how she’s hearing this song everywhere, and a few of her blog readers have posted the same thing in their comments to her. And then tonight, James on American Idol sings… you guessed it… Don’t Stop Believing. All I could do was smile — little Ronan! — and think about the thousands of people his story has touched (literally). And then think about what I was saying in my last post about all the funny little coincidences, signs and gentle nudgings that the universe sends our way… this week has just been insanely full of them.

So my friends – tonight I want to leave you with this message that I really believe comes from somewhere other than where you and I are today…. don’t stop believing. Don’t stop believing in messages, in signs, in dreams… in hope, in inspiration, in a new start. In the ability to conquer unbeatable odds, in the ability to change the world around you. Don’t stop believing in the power of love and laughter and faith. There is a beautiful day waiting for us tomorrow.

Peace and blessings and love to you tonight. And if you have a little extra room in your prayers tonight, please pray for little Ronan to fly high with the angels and for his family to be at peace. Goodnight!


Following the right path May 9, 2011

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This Way
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Have you ever noticed how once you hear a new word or learn of a new concept all of a sudden you hear it everywhere? Supposedly it was there all along, you just didn’t notice it. Because you hadn’t noticed it, you effectively cancelled it out or skimmed over it as though it was never there. But really, it was. You were just blind to it.

I don’t really know if I think that that’s true. I think sometimes you find yourself noticing something for a very particular reason. Maybe your angels are “nudging” you to see something, or maybe this something, whatever it is, is an important part of your future. Regardless of which it is, lately it seems like the stars have just aligned and then universe is throwing a giant, blinking “THIS WAY” arrow at me.

I stopped by to wish my mother-in-law a happy Mother’s Day yesterday, and we talked a bit about books. She and I tend to have the same tastes in our non-fiction books, and it’s always so nice to have someone to relate to when I’m interested in a particular subject. She told me about two new books she had read, which were about … bear with me here… cells and how our beliefs and thought processes can physically affect our bodies, by affecting our very cells.

I believe this could be true. I do believe, for certain, that sometimes when someone is dying, they have the ability to hold on – or let go – as they choose to. My great aunt, for example, had asked me to come be with her one March day many years ago. She told me that I was the last one she had to talk to; that she had had a chance to speak to everyone else alone, and I was her last. She told me that she knew she was dying and that she wasn’t afraid. That I shouldn’t cry, that she was at peace with this. She died that night. I think it was a choice; she had made her peace and said her goodbyes… she was ready to transition into her next adventure. And if we humans have the ability to do that, sometimes, why shouldn’t we have the ability to make other changes in our body? To will ourselves to live, to will ourselves healthy… or to bring illness upon ourselves if we believe firmly enough that it is so?

But I digress. What I was amazed about was that today while at lunch, I sat reading my college-level Biology book that I bought in preparation for my upcoming classes… and there, in black and white in MY BOOK was a statement that very closely mirrored that which my mother in law had just presented to me the day before. It was talking about how while it is hard to imagine that animals (including us) at their very smallest are made up of molecules and then cells… even the fact that we have thoughts about them at all is actually just the process of molecules moving from one cell to the next. I can’t help but tie that back to what my mother in law and I talked about yesterday… and what I really think is, is that the fact that we’re discussing it at the same time I’m finding it in my textbooks… just tells me that I really am headed in the right direction. I think that there is a bigger purpose behind everything, and I think that sometimes the coincidences happen as a reminder from the universe that you’re doing exactly what you’re supposed to.

I also had something else really neat happen today. Last night I dreamt of my friend L, who I have been friends with my entire life. Literally. We lived across the street from each other as toddlers and when we were in elementary school she moved away, but that didn’t change much for us. We haven’t seen each other in ten years and we haven’t actually haven’t contacted each other since last July, but we can pick up in an email as though we had just had dinner yesterday. Anyway, I dreamt of L. I don’t dream of her very often, but in my dream I was with her, grocery shopping of all places. A giant MOUSE or RAT or something, fell out of the ceiling or lights onto me and in real life, I yelled out and sat straight up in bed, searching through the sheets for this mysterious mouse (which didn’t exist). I had a hard time going back to sleep, and when I woke, L was still on my mind.

An hour or two later I was still thinking about her and so I sent her a message through Facebook. I just said that I had dreamt about her, and was everything ok?? She responded almost immediately and said “CRAZY. We always have this connection.” and she proceeded to tell me about some very painful, very serious issues going on in her personal life right now, which she felt like she couldn’t tell anyone else about. I am so thankful that something told me to contact her, and that I can now reach out my hand to help. I just wish my “feelers” had picked up on this earlier!

I sincerely believe today is just one of those amazing days when the stars are all aligned and the messages are just there for you to pick them up. Here is my thank you to the universe for opening my eyes (and dreams) to them!

Good night, my friends. Thank you SO MUCH for reading!!