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Good enough April 26, 2011

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A long, long time ago, I had cried as I told a friend that I worried I just wasn’t good enough to be E’s mom. That I loved this darling baby boy so very, very, very much… and what if I just wasn’t good enough for him? He deserved the best mom in the entire world… what that was exactly, I wasn’t sure, but he deserved it. And what if I wasn’t it???

She looked me straight in the eye, took a sip of her margarita and said, “You are. You want to know how you know this? Because of the fact that you ever even questioned it. If you weren’t, it wouldn’t even occur to you to ask.”

Today, I talked with another mom who cried as she shared the exact same worry. And I told her exactly what that friend had said to me, and as I said it to her, it hit me once again how very true that was. Why do we worry so much about things like this? Because we love them THAT MUCH.

There is nothing in the world more painful and guilt-ridden and scary than being a parent. And absolutely nothing more wonderful and rewarding in the entire universe. There is NOTHING…NOOOOTTTHIIIINNNNNGGGGG that I could ever enjoy doing more. And that alone, my friends, means that we are, in fact, good enough.

I felt such comfort when my friend had said that to me, because it made so much sense. And I was so honored to have had the chance to share that thought with someone else. I hope you aren’t in those shoes, and that you aren’t worrying about that. But on the off chance that you need to hear it, know that it’s true. The fact that we worry about it at all, in itself, says that we ARE good enough.

Good night, dear friends. Tonight, put your worries down. Relax, dream, and rest well.


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