Finding one small blessing each day.

I’ll take pepperoni and cheese on my Tombstone April 17, 2011

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no windows only walls
Picture by: http://www.flickr.com/photos/purplbutrfly/


As I sat in my sunny dining room this morning, drinking my coffee and reading the paper, I turned the page in the local section to the obituaries. There was a really short obituary that caught my eye. It said “So and So, one hell of a woman, was born October 26….”

One hell of a woman. I love it.

That was really all that was in her obituary. Her name, her dates, and a list of her surviving family members. But “one hell of a woman” really sums it up. I wonder – did she write that? Did someone that loves her write that?

What does it take, do you suppose, to be remembered simply as “one hell of a woman”?
I hope fifty years from now, when I die, I am remembered as a lot of things. One hell of a woman wouldn’t be a bad thing to have included.

Enjoy your Sunday, my friends. I hope the sun is shining where you are at today!


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