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From the mouths (or noses) of babes April 14, 2011

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Photo found at: http://www.flickr.com/photos/flickowski/

I really just had to share this. These are all actual statements said by my children tonight:

“I’m sorry, but I just really like playing with my belly.”

Child “Mom, I have to tell you something about bananas. They can be a sword, a boomerang and a weapon.”
Me: “A weapon?”
Child “Yes. You hold it like this (mimes a gun) and squeeze. Banana will shoot out all over your friend’s face! That really happened to me!”

And the best:

“Picking your nose and eating it is really like a form of recycling.”

God, I love being a mommy!!


4 Responses to “From the mouths (or noses) of babes”

  1. dailyraces Says:


  2. AlwaysAmazed Says:

    Aren’t our Kids just the BEST!!!? They help us to remember to
    look at things with wonder

  3. D.Rene. Says:

    I’m in awe with my children everyday. Every single day they lift my spirits and make me feel more whole. I totally get it.

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