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Happy birthday to you April 9, 2011

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Today we celebrated my nephew’s fourth birthday. It was a day of giggles and laughter and stress for the adults, wrapping paper, singing, and an excessive amount of screwed-in, stapled and wired-in packaging. It was literally a jungle of safari animals and fun!

Birthdays are such an awesome thing. As a child, you think the entire world revolves around that one special day. You get to skip your nap, you get all kinds of toys, treats, and cards in the mail, and there is a cake – baked just for you. And as you look up over the soft glow of the birthday candles, everyone you love most in the whole, wide world is smiling and singing to YOU!

As adults, birthdays change quite a bit. You still have to go to work, you don’t get nearly as many gifts, and there are usually people who don’t even know that it is your day. I’m blessed that I have a multitude of wonderful people in my life to celebrate my day with, and am inundated with love and birthday wishes from my family.

But in the bigger scheme of things, a birthday is so much more than that. Each life that comes into the world is, in my opinion, God’s way of saying that life will go on. Each little light that joins our families, joins us on our journeys, is one more spark of hope and goodness for our earth. My nephew may be the next amazing scientist who discovers the super-antibiotic for the superbug all the scientists are chatting about. Or my son, whose birthday is right around the corner, will be one year closer to being the next great astronaut, or doctor, or engineer… or another strong, caring, good man who simply follows his dreams.

Birthdays are special. They’re a chance for the world to remember that it’s better because we are in it. And even though we are adults, I think it’s important to remember our birthdays and celebrate them. It matters if you turn 30 this year, or 45, or 79. Each one of those years means one more year of experience, of happiness, of loss, of living. But that’s all behind you. What is also really important is that because of this very day, you are here! There is a reason you are here, something you are here to accomplish. Celebrate!

So my darling nephew, happy happy birthday to you. You are my blessing today.


One Response to “Happy birthday to you”

  1. dailyraces Says:

    You are such a beautiful person – what would I do without you? Happy Birthday Beautiful Boy!!

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