Finding one small blessing each day.

Let me get that for you April 8, 2011

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My little blessing today is small, but sometimes the nicest ones are. I took my little one to the store today so I could get errands ran before we embark on our busy weekend, and I was taking back some shoes that I had bought for him that didn’t fit. I carried my purse, his shoes and his sippy cup in one hand, and held Little One in the other.

Walking into the store, I approached the carts. Two carts were pulled out away from the majority of them, stuck together. I shifted the sippy cup to Little One, hoisted my purse to my elbow and pinched the shoes under one arm as I reached for the handle of the cart closest to me. No such luck. Sighing, I moved onto the next row, and reached again to pull on the handle of the closest cart. No luck there either. These carts were not budging. I turned, surveying my options. I could walk back to the entrance where yet another row of carts were, or I could set everything down, Little One included, and pull harder on the ones in front of me. I was just opting for plan A when a man who had entered the store stopped me.

“Let me get that for you,” he said, deftly separating the two carts. He turned the cart around so it faced me, and flipped open the basket seat for Little One. “You look like you have your hands full.” He smiled kindly at me and then disappeared off into the store, my thank you trailing after him.
* * *
Back on that horrible day in September 2001, I remember being at a grocery store, staring at the gallons of water that for whatever reason were on the top shelf. I was buying all the water I could find for a daycare center I worked at, because they had just announced rumors on the radio about something being in the main water supply (there was not). So there I stood, looking up at the gallons above my head, trying to decide what would be the best way to get them down. The shelves were already almost empty, and this was all that was left of bottled water in the aisle. A man walked up to me and without saying a word, reached up and started pulling down the gallons and setting them in my cart. Our eyes made contact as I offered him a sad thank you. Sad that I had to be there, doing this. Sad that the world was going crazy that day. Sad that I was so thankful to this complete stranger who wordlessly stepped up to help me. People were just doing that day… whatever needed to be done, they just did.

Imagine if we all were so kind to each other, every day. We are all in this together. This earth, this place, this life, this time… we are all here together. Today, I’m making it my goal to do two kind things for someone else. One to repay the gentleman who pulled out a cart for a harried mom with her hands full, and one to pay it forward.

I hope that as a result, someone’s world is just a tiny bit kinder today.

Blessings to YOU today!


2 Responses to “Let me get that for you”

  1. dailyraces Says:

    Hmmm… a little misty over that one! A kind world? Thats definitely something to ponder…

  2. James Hill Says:

    I am reading The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren and your paragraph starting with “Imagine” says it all. You are so right on the mark. We are all in this together and as Jesus said. “Treat others as you would have them treat you.” If we would only do this one thing, one can only imagine what a wonderful world it would be. Keep up the good fight and the blog. Love Papa

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